I’ve seen so many cool things on Pinterest lately, and I wish there were time to do them all!! I did mange one really nice and simple idea, which has proven to be both gorgeous and useful, by converting a purse I adore into a camera bag for every day.

I noticed some weeks ago that https://www.onekingslane.com/invite/daniellepousette had some really, really, stylish hand bags by Dena and I choose the North/South Tote, Bali pattern. This was my first purchase, so I loved getting the $15 dollars for signing up! I liked this bag the most because of the depth, and it certainly gave me the option of placing a camera insert into the bag. I searched online and found an insert that would also fit the dimension of my bag, I believe it was a size medium. I liked the look of the camera inserts from Timbuk2, which I got on amazon and it came rather quickly.

I was able to get the insert in pretty easily and lightly molded it into the bottom of the bag, and then fluffed it all out. Overall I am pretty pleased with the set up, it looks much nicer than any other camera bag I own. The over the shoulder strap was also a plus for me, as I like to carry the bag across my body. So, thank you pinterest, as I have a fantastic walk-around camera bag!

And well, there you have it, my purse turned camera bag!

You can find my business page on facebook as well! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Simple-Grace-photography/5327451706copyright Danielle Pousette2

Fall Family Portraits

September 17, 2012

Sunday Cuteness

August 5, 2012

I am going to start back with the blog, hopefully!! So many social networking sites, and it is hard to keep up. But today I thought I would begin again, by adding some cuteness. It is almost too much the way these little fellows are sleeping. I was thinking about how easy it would be to just take one home, good thing there are two dogs at home to keep me from it.
Little babies, all full of milk and sleep.

Just Thinking..

September 20, 2011

Source: reluctantentertainer.com via Stephanie on Pinterest

Also, I have not had a moment to update this blog, but will do so with some past images.

How Important Is a Photograph and the Photographer to You?

I guess by now, most of you have heard about the Facebook page dedicated to recovering the Photographers in the aftermath of the recent Alabama tornados. CNN did a feature on the lady who decided to start posting Images in hopes of getting them back to their original owners. She talked about how they just couldn’t get these memories back. And Whoooa I know exactly what she is talking about. I mean, how would I feel if my beloved Polaroid of my Grandmother where just not there for me to look at. I can always talk to my Daughter about her and tell stories, she gets a sense of who she was. But the Image, well she sees what I knew of her. Although this is not the most urgent need, I would say it could be just as important as about anything else people are doing to help. Perhaps getting back an Image of a loved one in the midst of so much tragedy could be the one token that makes a person just know that they are going to get through it.

Which leads me to the subject of the Photographer and the relevance of Images. The Digital Age has produced stunning Photographers and Pictures manipulated beyond ones imagination. We see so much visually that I start to wonder if we really “see” the Image. And I am as guilty as anyone of not printing off all that I have taken. I wonder some days if my Daughter will get those Images of her swinging under the tree in an old tire, because I am so glad I have the Picture my Dad took for me just like it with his old film Camera.

But the one thing I have done and am very satisfied with is who I have chosen to take my Daughter’s Images. I can count on one hand the people who have given me the gift of “seeing” her grow and change. I know each one of them and have nothing but deep gratitude for them. I think you should have that kind of connection to a Photographer, it makes the Images so much more sweet. I daresay choosing someone based on a price might in the end attach a very different outcome to what you are purchasing or feeling. Choose wisely.

I’ll start with her very first Images. Bringing a premature baby home brought a host of challenges that I don’t believe I was ever prepared for. The delicate immune system and doctors orders to not let others around the baby or take her out. And then there was just the sheer smallness of her, weighing so little and practically wearing doll clothes. My dearest college friend gave me something that will never be replaced. He came and spent hours taking Images of her tiny hands and feet. Her body so small was made even more lovely with his use of proper equipment and amazing natural light talent. I remember sitting in the floor with him as we placed her on a tiny bear rug and the window light came through. Her hands in a praying position. Those Pictures still feel me with such love. And I know that he has a talent that most people would strive to have, it’s just a natural thing for him. And I am grateful that he loaned us that time and talent, what a gift to give to a worried new Mommy.

Then I have my best Photographer girlfriend. Business wise, we have been through it and back, becoming even closer friends. My Daughter adores her, and she can get a smile quicker out of her than about anyone. If you come to my house and see my “bragging wall” there are Images of me and my Daughter together, and we look so good. That’s because Sarah is a huge talent and has just the best ability to make people look their best. Everyone stops and comments on her Images, about the color and composition. I consider them my “fancy” Pictures and it was so much fun having her do them. And we love her like family. I see all of us in her Images.

Next, the Family Photographer can not go unmentioned. Joe is completely dedicated to the Art of Photography. Graduated from Western’s prestigious Photojournalism Department and for years worked in acclaimed Newspapers. He just has it down. And I have to give credit to Joe for always teaching me. He never withheld his talent or knowledge, and the reflector for that matter. Because I certainly paid some dues carrying Joe’s Camera equipment, which I will still gladly do for him. But Joe gives back to the community helping children living in the Ronald McDonald House. On location and always there when I need a Family Portrait, Joe is who I call. I know his work will always be top notch.

Lastly, but certainly not least, there is my friend Tamara. I came to know her through Photography, but I know her as a person which has been one of the best things that happened to me along the way. I have seen how she works and I still feel amazed when I actually view it. How does she do that? Really? Talent comes in all kinds of forms in the World of Photography, but every once in a while the Photographer has something that cannot be digitally added on to negative. It’s what happens behind the Camera. Aside from her raw talent, the way in which she approaches people and situations cannot be replicated. I think Tamara could sit down with anyone, and they would feel at ease. You get that feeling she automatically knows you, and it wouldn’t matter who you were, because she would still get out the person’s intrinsic value. It comes across of course in the Images. She teaches me something each time I have watched her Photograph a person. Like how my Daughter will pull out the funniest outfits and awkward clothing for Pictures with Tamara, because for a six-year old, that’s style. I adore those Images. They are all the things I cannot take for myself. So without further ado…here are some she did, and it’s so cool to see them up among her body of work!
Tamara Reynolds
look under signature:

P.S. You have to know what my kid looks like : 0 )

Sarah’s website: www.sarahhavard.com

Joe :

Fathers Day Promotion

May 30, 2011

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Sandstorms and the Milky Way.
This time of year, I find myself thinking and feeling harder about my life, than any other time, even more so than New Year’s. In some ways I am more reflective when spring comes around, than say on New Year’s.
The flowers and green grass, bringing a new blanket to the earth as a powerful reminder that life has it’s seasons, which for me brings about a more thoughtful time and maybe I am not the only one.
What season am I in now? I would have to quickly say the mothering and nurturing season as we had a new baby this past year. Everything is new again, and as a family we get to evolve and see life thru his fresh little eyes, mixed with the usual lack of sleep and a runny nose, our little son is such a joy to us. Maybe this is the year of all things new for me. I want to meet more people and learn more about how other people are living and taking this journey.
I also want to nurture the relationships that I have because we cannot take people for granted. It is not a practice I want to start or a kind of luxury to indulge in.  As I am reminded of a few years ago, as a childhood friend was lost one day suddenly and left a precious family behind, instantly, all those times, he said to me on the soccer field, “You can do it  Danny,” came back. I realized we have those people in our lives that have been or are encouragers. I lost an encourager. I wish I could talk to him again. I wish he could watch his children on the soccer field.
So, here comes Easter, hopping down the bunny trail. I am lovingly gathering tokens to place in a basket for my two babies. But what do I want them to learn? I want them to know that they are loved beyond measure and I want them to have a solid faith and spirit. Children seem to come intact with those naturally. I want them to know that there is nothing they can do that I won’t love them for. And that if you are in a position to, you have to help others. Today we forgot to send our daughter her money for ice cream at school. This is a unique treat, and so she sat without it. What a sad face, as she told me, “Mom I had to watch everyone else eat while I didn’t have any ice cream.”  In one part, the mom in me just wishes she didn’t feel bad, but on the other hand I can see how something as simple as this gives her more empathy for others. It opened a door to talk about how it feels to be without. We have a plan now to bring extra money each time, her goal is to make sure that at least one other person gets ice cream.
I am pretty simple in my faith. I just simply believe, I always have and I don’t complicate it. Since I was a child that was a part of who I am. I feel that even when the road doesn’t seem clear, or make sense that it will lead to a greater good. I have to accept this is not always “my” greater good. I found a really amazing time lapse recently by a photographer who worked on it in Spain and it just speaks volumes. Life comes and goes in frames. A gorgeous video filmed at the mountain of El Teide.
There is one part in it where the photographer wrote on his site, “So if you ever wondered how the Milky Way would look through a Sahara sandstorm, look at 00:32.” Once you see the video, the absolute beauty of it will just make your jaw drop. But the part where the photographer talks about seeing the Milky Way thru a sandstom, wow…it got me. Life can look so much like a messy sandstorm, but no matter how much is going on around and blowing, the stars are constant. Honestly, I wish I had something more profound to say this Easter, but I think everything I could say would pale in comparison. So take it all in it is crazy beautiful:

A new blessing

March 26, 2011

All Hearts Day

February 14, 2011

May your heart never be broken. Hug a tree, smell a flower, call a friend, and just enjoy being alive.

Here comes the sun…

February 13, 2011

I don’t know if it is just wishful thinking, but I believe we are heading for sunny days!